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At a first glance, it could be very difficult to tell if 4ppl is really a matchmaking site. There’s just bunches of information spread about on the front page, so it’s hard to infer what the website is right away; but on closer inspection, it’s another matchmaking site, and a fairly good one at that.

Firstly, I was extremely happy with the sign up process – it was quick, easy, and didn’t make me fill out pages of surveys. This is really a pain some times, when all you want to do is get into the online dating site to try it out, but you’re caught filling in surveys about yourself for several minutes. This is usually beneficial however, because it matches you up with people who have your personal preferences. 4ppl .com is a good change though, and I’m pleased with the quick sign up process. Once that’s taken care of, the first thing you can do is upload photos of yourself. When deciding on a single you’d like to meet, a lot of people take personal appearance into consideration first. From your menu, you can add more information about yourself whenever you want, to tell people a little bit more about who you are.

4ppl Sample Profile

The huge thing this online dating site has, that sets it apart from most others, is its extensive blog section. There’s tons of blog posts every day, on a variety of different subjects. If you’re wondering what kind of a person someone is, you can always check and see if they posted and blogs about themselves. Or, you can even write something about yourself, to let people know what you think about something. There is an extensive member list on, with over 900,000 people, and hundreds joining everyday. It would be hard not to find someone you were seeking with those kinds of numbers.

Overall, the site has a pretty even and organized layout, but it’s a little bland as far as colors go. There are new blog posts every couple minutes, on lots of different subjects, and there are many members to browse and chat with. There are no paid membership options, so what you see is what you get. This is a very nice feature, because you know that you can make contact with any member on the site, with no catches. It’d be nice if they had videos as well, but the options available already for a free profile are certainly worth the 1 minute sign up process. The free dating website is definitely worth looking at, and at least trying out.

  • Quick % easy sing-up process
  • Huge blog archive
  • 100% Free
  • Layout would be better
  • Poor member profiles

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