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  • matthew Says

    its one of the oldest dating site online and happly changed their bad design lately. after you login to you will see tons of people online at a time and the good side is the community is completely free : means you can even send / get personal messages without any cost. But like all other dating sites if you are a male its little bit complicated to find a mate, i waited for near 2 months to get my first match however if you can paint a good profile it may be easier.

  • Don't want my name listed Says

    I liked it in the beginning because I was getting so many messages but i’ve discovered many of the members are old whores and one in particular asked for my cell number & now wont quit texting nasty messages

  • Frankjacobsen Says

    Ur rite it is inposable to get back on!


    Datehookup is a good site but hell to login

  • lane kirkwood Says

    I have been on this one site and was in a great relationshio for a year but coukdnt get her off of it. It was an exciting ride but now im trying again. Thx

  • mitzi Says

    as i checked the page from your link it seems realy very very old-fashioned with the layout anyway will try it lets see

  • jenny Says

    not the best one but still nice

  • jenny Says is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dating. It’s more of a sex site version of My Space. I would never recommend date hook up to anyone loking for a long term relationship. Hell, I think it would even be insulting for casual dating too.

  • mr date Says

    Datehookup is just like anyother dating site except it is free and has lots more forums, many age oriented. Unfortunately, the forums are run by people who just want to play online word and picture games or make snide, petty remarks to each other.

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