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As I usually do with new free dating sites, I give them a rating based on a first impression. What the site looks like right away, is a very crucial thing that most sites need to give attention to. Without a very attractive front page, a dating website can’t expect to draw in lots of members further into the services.  Well, definitely has a wicked layout. It’s different from every matchmaking site I’ve seen so far, and it instantly makes me want to find more out about the site. The front page has a very nice orange and black combo color spread, which is very unique. There’s plenty of information right away, to let you know what the site is all about, and what you’re on there for (which you should already know, if you intentionally went there.) There’s a search option, to limit your searches, or you can scroll down and search by major cities in every state. It’s easy, it has a very pleasant layout, it’s well informative, I can’t wait to see what the site has to offer.

The sign up process to mingle2 takes very little time to complete; probably 3 minutes at most if you choose to fill in all of your personal information right away. If you do that though, the  site can instantly match you up with singles that meet your personal preferences – a very handy feature! Now, the search through member options begins. As far as options for matchmaking go, it’s pretty basic.

There’s an immense forum to post on about your interests, or whatever else you like. You can meet people there who may like exactly what you do, or you can just browse the member database to find someone that interests you. You can easily send mail to anyone you like, and receive messages in return. You can upload photos, and look at other member profile photos. Like I said, it’s pretty basic. I could ask for more, but is just so welcoming that it’s hard to consider the lack of options a fault.

Mingle2 is completely free , everything you see, is what you get for life; unless they decide to upgrade the site in the future. Otherwise, everyone is equal here. The layout is excellent, and there’s a very nice feel to the whole site. They’re a little short on membership features, but there’s enough to help you find someone you can be happy with.

This is probably one of the best 100% free dating site!

  • Cool design
  • Easy Sign-up
  • Completely free
  • None

Overall Rating: 9/10

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