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  • Rita Says

    Want to cancel supcript

  • Maureen 9496 Says is a great website. But, I have a problem, the picture on my (site) are ministers. The photo I had did not have enough pixels. One that can be used will follow ASAP. Maureen 9496

  • Elizabeth Anthony Says

    Please remove the picture of the two ministers on my link. It was stated the picture I sent did not have enough pixels. I will send a picture of myself ASAP, but please remove the picture that is there ! Thank you….Maureen 9496
    A question was asked on my site, was I in the witness protection program ? Great wit, but see why I am asking for the pictures to be removed,

  • gerald watson Says

    Great website

  • susie Says

    what’s wrong with this website, its been months now that I can’t login .

    • admin Says

      your account probably suspended for some reason, try to create a new one or simply ask to editors from OkCUpid login page

  • supergirl Says

    the quizes are great you must try

  • beats Says

    i think is the far best free online dating site of the web, most crowded , real , and quality one

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