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Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish

I was surprised at how much the dating site presented itself as a forum on the front page. It really had the appearance and layout that you would expect to see on many types of forums. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s just a little odd to look at until you grow accustomed to it. Well, the only way you’ll be able to get used to, is by being a part of the site for some time to come, which is something that you have to decide for yourself.

The one thing I do like, is that plenty of fish lists all the rules immediately, so you know just what is tolerable and what isn’t. They state right on the front page that they don’t prevent nonpaying members from contacting paying members. This is an amazing feature, as it’s true that almost every dating site does this. It’s definitely a special feature that makes this dating site different and special from any other one out there. You won’t find many that let you contact every member of the site without a catch. The site is extremely against scams, so you know you’re in good hands when you’re joining You’ll be communicating with legit singles, and most likely getting the results you desire. There’s a few preview profiles on the front page as well, to show you how things are basically setup. It is always excellent to get a look into a website before even signing up, it helps build a better relationship with the user.

POF Login Page

There’s a whole bunch of different pages to go through during the sign up process. The first page is a quick, 30 second input, and the rest plays out like a survey. It does help you get more matches, and overall increases the effectiveness of the site, but it’d be nice if they let you fill in the information later for once. When you’re all finished, you get a results page, which lists what the site thinks what kind of person you are. It’ interesting feature I haven’t seen before. Plenty of fish has many nice things to offer, like testimonials to prove its worthiness, and a special ‘points system’ that allows you to purchase virtual gifts for other members. There’s plenty of things available for a member, like messaging, mail, browsing, and photos. The only thing that could be improved on is the layout and style. For some people, they may actually prefer it above a regular website. Interestingly, I couldn’t seem to find any links for upgrading your profile, which is a little odd.

Most importantly though, Plenty of Fish is for anyone looking for a mate. There’s tons of members on here, and lots of potential people to meet. No matter what gender, or ethnicity you are, there’s most likely someone on here that will take a liking to you. You can follow the button below to login or signup to plentyoffish pof dating site.


  • Worlds’ greatest member database
  • Forums
  • 100% Free
  • Old fashioned layout/design
  • Poor support

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  • merve Says

    anyone can say that plenty o fish is good or bad but its still the greatest and top-well known dating service of the world. i know many people married from pof and no one can tell me that its bull-shit. if you want to pay tons of bucks to fake girls you can change any other paid matchmaking site.

  • Tebse Says

    need to sign in

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  • average Says

    i prefer okcupid instead, its far better with both members and site design. you can also check match percentage with your mate and can see the replies to specific questions about lifestyle, sex etc…

  • Login to see Says

    Forget about all paid dating sites, is probably the best one, just be serious and fill all your profile and add photos that seems happy & attractive. there are over 100.000 dates online at anytime, is it possible to say that plentyoffish do not work ?

  • cliff Says

    After login you will see the ratio of men/women is 7/1 ! you can check it yourself, make a search in your city and compare female and then male results you will see. So women gets tons of messages and its near impossible to be seen in their mailbox and even get a response. Check the web for user reviews and you will see that most men will say that its a waste of time to be here in pof. If you can get a reply after sending 100 messages then you are really to lucky and if you can meet anyone after 6 months its really a miracle. It’s much better to pay for a dating site and so at least there will not be tons of male competitors. Also after using it for a while they deleted my profile 3 times without any fault, its impossible to get a response from support and each time you have to create a new profile with a new e-mail account.

  • monica Says

    its now called and not completely free has some paid functions

  • ARROON Says

    Anyone can help me out to register to plenty of fish? I can not register from Cyprus.
    ıf you can help me please contact me:


  • Randy Says

    I posted a single comment “what are we doing on this site.” And, they dumped my profile and everything about me. There are no phone numbers anywhere to get in touch with them, or email. They stole the money I paid for this stupid site. Good luck and trust at your own risk!

  • marie jenniex Says

    I deleted my account awhile back, tried to make a new one wont let me. I fill in all the imformation and accept the terms it tell me the user name is taken.but no matter what user name I try its the same and the user name Is good until I accept the terms then it tells me user name is taken.can anyone help me.thanks.

  • peter stokes Says

    my post code is 2430 but your computer will not
    accept this post code.
    I live in Taree. NSW. Australia.
    Peter Stokes

  • Tim Says

    Have registered and now it won.t let me back on to site ,,says my password or username not valid. Can anyone help

    • admin Says

      Your account may be suspended. You can try re-register or go to plenty of fish login page and click contact link to ask directly to support.

  • Matt Says

    The plenty of fish site does not allow you to even read replies these days unless you have paid, let alone contact anyone. It’s totally useless unless you risk paying a fee, then to find out the matches aren’t real.

    • Matt Says

      I’ve realised I actually tried Plentymorefish, not plentyoffish, somehow when thinking I was setting up on plentyoffish, I had actually been on the site plentymorefish.

      So it’s Plentymorefish which itself used to be free and has now made everything non-free.

      I’ve yet to test plentyoffish, but will do so now.

  • Ginger Says

    i cant even get on pof its telling me that the web page can not be found….and its not on my part its your sight……please fix it ……..

  • superion Says

    its been so long but nothing changed about the appereance of this website i think its boring so much

  • mitzi Says

    after facebook i think the dating thing got a little bit complicated on dating targeted websites, but besides lots of trash ones pof is still one of the best

  • jenny Says

    probably the best one of the free dating alternatives

  • ShowTime432 Says

    nice site, i really met a women that just want to have fun.

  • Mrs. B Says

    I met a man on the plenty of fish site, we started chatting in Maech of 2006, we were Married July,2007 we are still happily married today.
    Thank You



  • Lynne Elliott Says

    Pof now has u/grades but most of the processes are still free. I think it is one of the best on the web.

  • steve cook Says

    love the article very descriptive

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