A concise review of free dating sites


The world has been made a global village and so relationships also have become revolutionized. Today, people meet their life partners from any part of the world online and go ahead to hold a wedding. This is because, through dating sites, they can find a match. Increased demand by the young, the middle aged and the aged for a partner in life has intensified. This also has prompted increase in the number of sites. People now get a variety of matches from which one can choose from. Here now is a review of the sites and how friendly they have remained.

First impression

The impression presented here is that it is a simple and easy process. It also shows how friendly it is. Words pop from every side showing the many benefits it offers to those who are looking for a match. Impression is also created that it provides the answers and that the chemistry of those who have an account with the site can be measured, ascertained and matched with the best partner.

When a person searches for a dating site, the first impression is composed of testimonies from people who have used it successfully. Others will show a list of those who are already looking for a match and their profile. Photos of those who are looking to meet a partner are also displayed. It also offers the benefits of the site which include branding it as the best in the world.

It is also evident that some will provide a list of questions. The questions can be in different categories while others may just be a simple profile. In some cases, the questions are many thus providing details about the information of the new member.

Layout and design

It can be defined as a friendly layout. This is because the colors used are attractive. For such a site it requires bright colors. This includes blue, red, yellow and pink. They are also mixed with different themes and designs which present the whole site as lovely. The arrangement of the options to click on and move to the next stage is easily presented by the site. This prompts a person to continue searching for the right match and thus make the work easy.

The websites have been arranged in a way which makes the person who logs in find it easy to explore the different options available. There is an option on the testing chemistry, quick match, browse matches and also the people one might like. For those who are new in this kind of dating service, they will not struggle to find a match and carry out other tasks.

Alongside every photo, there is a percentage which is showing how compatible one is to another. This kind of summary has helped gather the details about the matches available without struggling. It is also beneficial because the friendliness is extended to the length of the pages. Clients also post photos which are well visible and thus one enjoys the whole layout.

Services offered

The service has been improving over the years. This means, the information which is available and the variety of services is highly professional. The people who are now accessing the dating sites have increased. This has seen rapid growth in the services which includes, notifications on the people who visit your site and like your profile. Testing the chemistry is also a new service which helps people to know whom they are compatible with. It is also beneficial to the clients because they are provided with suggestions about people near their place of residence or work. All the general information which is required has remained complex while others remain a simple task.


It is easy and convenient to find a match. Meeting other singles and getting hooked up only requires a simple process of answering questions and with quick steps, one gets listed in the site. Also, it offers a relaxed atmosphere where people can send messages online. This is unlike when people meet face to face. A large number prefer to meet people online.

Embarrassing moments are not disclosed because when communicating online, someone can tell of what they cannot say to the next person face to face. It is also a way of avoiding any rejection which is real and it sounds harsh when people are out on a date and they are present in person.

It is a cost effective platform through which people get to meet their life partners. This is because it is only requires internet connection and free time with which a wedding can even be organized. Beyond the cost effective benefit, it offers a large pool of friends who are also single. All people who sign in declare they are single and they are looking for a match. Therefore, from the large pool, there is a high possibility of getting the best friend and life partner.


People who are looking forward to be in a relationship need to be committed to make it work. However, with the online sites, some people may not be committed as they can drop the person they currently have and choose another one from the basket of singles available.

It is possible that some people will join the dating sites for the wrong reasons. This is done through creating false profiles and they will end up asking for money from different people and eating into their online freedom by issuing threats.

The sites have failed in making people know how they will interact when they meet. They are good in finding a match but they cannot provide a way of maintaining and keeping that friend. Also, even after you have deleted your profile, it will not be deleted completely. They will still have the detail and they can be used against you in a divorce case or any other law suit.


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