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Here is a dating website with a specific purpose AND audience. is looking for people who are only interested in Russian women. So if you already know Russia is a little out of your area, you can stop reading now; but, no matter what country you live in you can still get a Russian date if it’s something that intrigues you.

It is hard to tell just how popular a site like this can be, but since it is still up and running with new members every day – it must be somewhat successful. It is easy to tell that they didn’t spend much time working on the website’s appearance (probably figuring that the site wouldn’t be as big or as popular as Eharmony or anything like that.) So it is understandable why it isn’t a giant, glorious site. Regardless though, I’ll give a rough run through of what I think. The site is very informative with plenty of explanatory posts and an accessible FAQ page which will answer almost all of your questions. The site says right out what it is – no scams or anything. Most of the site’s background consists of white behind some other random colors. There isn’t much variation besides that. That concludes the layout review.

Sample Profile

Now for the features available to you. I should say right now that this russian girls dating site has a very interesting paid service. It is unlike anything I have seen before in a dating website. revolves around “credits.” You need credits to do just about anything with the Russian ladies on the website. Membership is completely free though and you can browse through the potential Russian dates. The search menu is surprisingly advanced as well with options varying from height, to weight, to language spoken, and more. Like I said before you need credits to do things on the site.

Every time you message a girl or read a message from a girl you spend one credit. Easy enough to understand right? Well, you have to think how easy it is to send 100 messages to someone. The prices seem a tad high in my opinion; but that is ultimately up to the person using the site.  Viewing female’s profiles and photos are free of charge though. With your credits you can message, watch member videos, use video chat, send flowers, and call female’s by phone. There are many things that you can waste credits on, so use them wisely.

    [item]Instant webcam chat with russian ladies[/item] [item]Valuable member features is used correctly[/item] [item]Interesting credit system[/item]
    [item]Limited to people only interested in Russian women[/item]

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Overall Rating:  7/10

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