Casualkiss’ slogan is: Dating shouldn’t suck. Which is definitely true. At least they got that right, but did they get the process to ‘make dating not suck’ right? I don’t think I have ever seen a worse home page than this one though.

It is almost completely blue – with blue text! Sure the text is bold, and is only a fraction of the words on the page, but it is just a ridiculous choice of color. It’s very simplistic and pretty small and compact. There are a few other little colors which you may notice, but otherwise the dark and bleak blue will be the only thing you see. There are a few specks of information here and there which offer some help. They tell you about the services they offer which includes: Dating Personals, Blogs, Instant Messaging, Clubs & Events, Chats & Boards, and Webcams. That is pretty much it, besides the current member count. There are over 120,000 members in casualkiss which isn’t bad; but only about 200 members are on at a time. Slim numbers when you think about how many people there are on some websites.

CasualKiss Login Page

Casualkiss also has a points system which shows how much you interact with people. This could be considered a unique feature. Even when you gain access to the site, everything is still blue; and yes most of the text is blue too. So if you know blue text on blue background wont bother you, then you will be fine. Everything the site offers is right on the front page as listed earlier. Different types of lists are added each day like: Worst confessions, worst lies, biggest turn on, dumbest thing you have done, etc. The blogs on the dating website range across all topics and you are welcome to post one of your own. This dating website is overall pretty average, with the other features you would normally see. Everything is free though, which makes things a bit better.
    [item]Points System[/item] [item]Couple of Interesting Features[/item] [item]Webcam[/item]
    [item]Blue text on blue background[/item] [item]Too much blue background[/item]

Whoever had the idea to make this layout should definitely take another look. To most people it would probably look horrid, but for about 120,000 others it was not a problem. So maybe it wont bother you either. It may be worth checking out.

Overall Rating: 5/10

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  1. Hi, i think casual kiss is no more online; i tried it some while ago and it was a nice dating site, so i am sorry its gone 🙁

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