“Are you ready to experience real chemistry?” Is what says. I suppose I am – or ready to see just how well this site delivers. This is obviously a dating website created for singles looking for, well, other singles.

There is a certain ‘Dr. Helen Fisher’ who sponsors the dating site.  She has plenty of experience in the “chemistry” of human beings. If that makes a difference, you know there is a professional behind the scenes here.  Unfortunately there is no access to the site until you join.  There are no snippets of information to be seen on the front page, just some simple promises.  Since you literally can’t do anything until you sign up, you really have no choice in the matter.  If you want to experience for yourself, you’ll just have to register.

They ask a very interesting question as you begin the sign up process.  You are asked which hand closely resembles your own.  There are several different examples of hands with different sized fingers and you simply pick which one looks like your own.  I suppose this is a part of ‘Dr. Helen Fisher’s’ studies.  I am intrigued at what the size of fingers has to do with finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with; but, I suppose it’s a question that just can’t be answered.  As you go on with the questions you come across a whole bunch of interesting stuff.  The questions vary from relationship things, to your own personal interests, and then to personal preferences like if you think kissing in public is acceptable.  I can’t help but laugh at some of the questions being asked though; such as, a question depicting several people’s smiles and you are asked to pick which smiles are phony.  It seems completely irrelevant, but it must be important to the chemistry selection.  Or, what would your doodles look like if you were stuck in a boring meeting?  The questions keep coming. Finally after a bombardment of questions, the registration is finally complete.

Once you finally get into the website, it’s not a lot different from the outside.  It still has the same two colors – red and white.  Basically all you are getting here are tons of matches based on your questions and then messaging, flirting, browsing, and photo capabilities. Everything is really informative – there just isn’t a lot of fun to be had here once you get through the bulk of it.

    [item]Onslaught of fun “chemistry” questions before signing up[/item] [item]Lots of matches[/item] [item]Simplistic[/item]
    [item]Questions become a bore eventually[/item] [item]Little to no features[/item] is pretty limited once you get into the actual site. You can easily skip around the dating site looking at different profiles – but what else?  There is nothing else.  It appears to me that they tried very hard at matching you up with someone you would enjoy – which does work actually, but there aren’t any unique ways of getting to know them.  The point is that the site works.  It’s just up to you if you want the limited features it has.

Overall Rating: 8/10 Free Signup >>


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    POS Withdrawal PM *CHEMISTRY.COM 866-6106338 TXUS
    POS Withdrawal PM *CHEMISTRY.COM 866-6106338 TXUS
    Date: 4/21/2018
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