Anyone could tell just from the URL, that this is certainly a dating website. So just what are you going to find here? This is a pretty common dating website so don’t expect any odd twists. was made for single men and women to find their match.

There are thousands of members to browse and find an interest in, and hopefully you can find your perfect love from there. Now, for the basis and layout of the site. From what I can see on the front page there isn’t a lot of variability. You have your white background and such, but plenty of information with it. The site has been up for ten years now, with plenty of success stories to prove it. Success is key with a site and has it. Keep in mind how popular or effective a dating website is before jumping into it- it would be a shame to waste time and money. I found one interesting quote the site makes, “The majority of our members are college educated professionals who live in large cities or nearby suburbs.” Is this true? Hard to believe? That is up to you to decide. If you are interested in the same sex, don’t worry, because this site also accepts those kinds of relationships as well.

The sign up process is pretty basic with the simple questions like what you’re interested in and what you want in your partner, etc. It could take you from five to ten minutes depending on how thorough you want to be with your sign up. If you just want to find out what the interior of the site is like you can skim through most of the sign up pretty easily. The site is pretty much the same all-around. It looks and feels the same no matter what you are doing. It doesn’t look half-bad though, I will admit. To give you an idea of the amount of members you will encounter – over 20,000 new members sign up every week. After ten years the site is still constantly growing. As far as what you can do with your free profile, it is pretty limited. Being a guest member, you can: Flirt; Look at date info; and post a profile. You almost HAVE to upgrade to Gold if you want any success here. That’s going to cost you, of course. One thing that’s definitely worth noting is the toolbar available for download. The toolbar is linked directly to the site and lets you know if you have alerts or messages etc, and it always allows you to be online even if you don’t actually have the site up. Useful right? It’s even free!

Gold Membership offers many more features like: Sending emails; Sending Instant Messages; Audio/Video Messaging; Access to Chat rooms; and Showing up more in search results.

    [item]Lots of features at decent prices[/item] [item]Many members[/item] [item]Toolbar Download[/item]
    [item]No success here for guest members[/item]

As you can see the pros outnumber the cons, meaning the website must be pretty good. It is a very well made and respectable matchmaking place. If you are someone who enjoys free features though and still finding success then you will have to look elsewhere. The only way you’ll get to know someone here is by paying first. This site also has a twin site called which I didn’t like at all. On account of the information that is given here though, I will be more lenient and say this is the better of the two.

Overall Rating:  8/10

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