Dating Advice – Women Who Want ‘Passion’ Before ‘Security’


As a disclaimer, the following information is not true about all women. This is only targeting specific women who are looking for different things in a man. My points of view vary throughout the article. When a man meets a women it is extremely important to make a good first impression. If that isn’t first priority – I don’t know what it is. You want to look nice (smell nice most likely, showering may help) and come off as a nice guy. Or do you? Are all women attracted to the “nice guy?” Maybe not – and that’s what is going to be addressed in the article.

Regardless it’s still crucial to look attractive and not act like a complete fool. It really depends on the situation and your surroundings. It may be hard to be yourself if you are having dinner with your date’s family. On-the-other-hand if you are hanging out with friends you can really show a woman what you are like. Once you get to that point, which direction should you take though? Do you woo your date with kind words and talk about each other and then eventually drop her off at home – knowing you can slowly advance the relationship with each date? Or, do you resort to strictly passion and try to take hold of the girl’s heart immediately with “the moves?” A lot of women are looking for something different in a man, for sure. It is just hard to figure out how to present that outlying factor in yourself that can show a woman you are different from other men. Normally, it would be by keeping a stable, secure, and trustful relationship with them for a couple of months. That might not be good enough though. She may have been expecting something completely different. Perhaps she has had it with the false security men give when they immediately start dating. If you act like too much of a “nice guy” you may end up in a relationship quite different than you imagined. Right when you think it’s time to get serious she may want to stay “just friends” No man wants to be presented with that situation.

It is very easy to avoid such a problem though. You may think security should come first in a relationship before anything else – but too much of that can smother the relationship and give it a stale, boring feeling. If you can’t get a new relationship off to a good start – it will never work in the end. Concentrate on passion and let things play out from there. Don’t be predictable. Surprise her and show her some kind of excitement. That is a good way to get closer. Most women are looking for excitement in their relationships to begin with. They don’t want to go out to eat thirty times and then exchange in a small kiss a couple of months into the relationship (If it even lasted that long). That is only showing her that you are scared to open up and too concerned with security at such an early stage in the relationship. It is understandable for people who may have had dating problems in the past and would not want to be emotionally injured again – but it’s a good thing to think about. Security is a long term thing. That is all there is to it. Begin the relationship with a sort of passion and unpredictability and then work into the long term security that the relationship needs to stay together. Do not worry about making your date sure that the relationship will last forever because it is impossible to know such information. Just begin by expressing your love and attractiveness for her. Things will tend to change when your relationship becomes more secure – and it will change for the better. You just have to give it time. Make the right decisions when you enter a relationship and be sure of what your date is actually looking for.


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