So, first impression of this dating site:  liked it, it feels a bit different from other dating websites.  The layout feels like it was actually worked on considerably and not just thrown together to save time like you would see on a lot of other sites. Also liked the message they are sending their members. wants you to know that there are only respectable members that enjoy their services.  So overall, you can expect to find honest and respectable people when you join with this site. I hope that isn’t just a mask – since you can’t browse the actual innards of the site until you sign up. They are a little weak on info and just try to influence you into joining with tempting promises. It’s their main goal that the website stays accurate, honest, safe, and free.

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That is right – It is completely free to sign up. One thing to state when you sign up – you can join for three reasons: Long term relationship, casual dating, and just taking it slow as friends. They specifically state that this dating site isn’t for people looking for a one-night stand.  So far they have stood by their statement about being a clean, and honest dating website. I’ll admit the sign up process is a bit of a drag.  It’s necessary I guess – to keep everything accurate.  Even when you are prompted to upload a picture of yourself, it has to have a clear view of your face.  I think what they’re getting at is no angles. (Pictures angled oddly to make someone look prettier than they actually are.)  I laugh a little at this, but like I said, it’s necessary for their rules.  I still like the site when I finally got in – even if it is a little plain. It just feels very friendly which I think is a great quality to have.

Basically what you have to work with, are your profile, pictures, messages, flirts, and other members. You don’t get many options or tools to aid you in the friendship/relationship finding. The more and more I look at their website it just appears to be a little more dull every time. I like their name and I like the message they are trying to send – I just can’t say they built the most perfect website around it.

    [item]Friendly feel[/item] [item]Honest and accurate website[/item] [item]Easy to find singles[/item]
    [item]Tiny website/No content[/item] [item]Dull colors[/item] [item]Gets boring real quick[/item]

Overall Rating: 7/10

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  1. Very new to all of this just want to have fun and meet some good people who know what will happen after that…

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