That’s right, it’s, the biggest internet dating source.  This is the one that started the fanbase and it has quickly grown into a huge, popular thing.  Internet dating is now widely used and it’s all thanks to this.  It’s almost impossible for someone to have never heard of eHarmony; there are TV commercials, radio broadcasts, magazine ads, and anything else media related you can think of.

So, you know what it is, but have you taken the time to actually check it out and try it?  Well, it’s about time it was looked upon in depth.  It goes without saying what this dating site is and what they offer. Something noticeable immediately though is that eHarmony is for singles AND married couples. Yes, that’s right. This is a unique feature that I have not seen myself. If you were having trouble with your marriage or losing intimacy, then you can sing up in the couples section and get tips on how to reconnect with your spouse. Otherwise, you can sign up as a single and start searching the site for someone you like, or wait for someone to come to you.

The initial sign up is free of charge and once you get through the compatibility test you will be on your way.  What the compatibility test does is match you with people who are exactly like you and want the same things you do; and hopefully you will both have an interest in each other.  eHarmony guarantees this test, and since there is so much positive feedback, it is easy to trust the site.  People who hear a lot about a website will generally trust it more than others, which is understandable.  Someone should feel confident on and expect great results.  It may not have hundreds of features, but it still wins over many people.  What about the people though?  Well, just think about eHarmony. There are 15 million registered users across the 50 states and over 200 countries.  That is a massive dating site.  If you can’t find someone that matches your preferences here, then you must be extremely unique! There are many different religions and races and no one is excluded from the database. Of course, you must follow the basic common sense rules, such as being 18 and not harassing people.

Everything is pretty simplistic here, from the layout to the features.  There are photo and information posting, questionnaire taking, browsing, and chatting.  There are a few premium features as well for a price.  None of the prices are given immediately, but all the information is included.  Secure Call allows you to talk to your matches without revealing your phone number so you can enjoy getting to know singles over the pone.  That seems to be it for premium features – otherwise the whole lot is free. It makes sense why there are so many people though, since most everything is completely free.  eHarmony is the “mother of all dating sites” so to speak.  It has lived quite long and amassed a large member population and won’t disappoint anyone who are only interested in finding their true love or helping their marriage.  What is there to lose by checking it out?

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