As soon as I read the URL, I wondered if this site was for people who literally wanted to get married immediately; Because usually most online dating sites allow people to get to know each other or just be in a friendly relationship. No one is ever certain who they want to marry for some time. Now you are not actually forced to marry people on

It is perfectly alright to find friends first, and then maybe build it into a stronger relationship some day.  The URL can just be a little misleading.  Anyways, you know what the dating  website is used for, but is it easy and efficient?  Well, not really at first.  You are pretty much blocked off from everything as a guest.  None of the additional pages are available until you actually sign up.  You can still look at some informative pages but they really are no help at all.  The only way to find anything out is to actually join on the spot, which is a pain. Login

Once you sign up, which actually takes about 30 seconds, you will see how bare and empty the site looks.  You have a pathetic menu with no options and the ability to only edit your information, upload pictures, and browse other profiles. It’s very “original.” The only somewhat interesting thing that can be seen is a power points system. It’s hard to tell how this works, but it seems that the more pictures you upload and the more people see your profile equals more points and thus higher level social standing on the dating website. You will be sure to get a lot more attention with a high level social status.  Besides that, there really is not anything else to touch down on.  At least they have a blog updating you with current information (last update was on August 28th.)

-Okay layout
-Social Status Level System

-Empty. Bare.
-No features.
-Hardly any information

The only real good things that can be said about are that it is free, it has plenty of different kinds of people and all are different in their own respective ways.

Overall Rating:  5/10





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