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FastCupid is known for it’s wide variety of sites and such – since it is one of the biggest internet names around. Well, now they even have a dating site. It’s already easy to assume that with such a large name, there will be a large amount of people on this website.

Just because there is a huge amount of people doesn’t mean it’s a wonderful dating site though; there is much more that makes a site unique than its population. First of all, FastCupid still has its default layout. It’s understandable that they didn’t want to change their look, so for people who already use FastCupid regularly – the colors won’t bother them at all.

One thing that is really great about their dating site though, is that it is very informative already on the first page. There’s a neat page full of easy to find information covering pretty much everything you need to know. As always, Fast Cupid‘s services are pretty professional. Something important to mention, is that this site is available to everyone. There is an option to switch between languages and even categories, may it be: Christian dating, Jewish dating, Asian dating, senior dating, etc. No one should feel left out here and have a good time browsing and looking for a single that they like. Yes,¬†Fast works just like every other dating website: you search for someone that fits you and then you get results and you are free to browse through them. Easy right? Well, it is.

Now for the subscription options. Of course with a big site like, they need to make some money out of this. So, you can still sign up for a free profile, but you are extremely limited with that and can only post information about yourself and pictures as well. The other two options are “Standard” and “Premium.”

Not much is stated about Premium, except that you will receive much better results with people you like. I could ask for more, but I suppose it’s easy to trust FastCupid. You will find the basics here from posting pictures, to chatting, to taking tests, and the like. There isn’t anything too extraordinary but that’s alright. Overall, the site is pretty decent, there are tons of people to browse through, and there are a few options to help you on your way.

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