Fighting and Breakups – Dating advice for women


Red Flag Signs for Dating an Relationship on YOUR End

Here they are:

1) Obsessive Feelings and Behavior

Obsession is bad in both dating and relationship. In dating, it
will push potential dates away. In a relationship, it will
lead to drama, anxiety, and maybe even depression. Over time,
you’ll either build up emotional baggage or go around
and around in a never-ending circle. Either way, you’re not
going to be a very happy person.

Examples of obsessive dating behavior include:

– Calling several times a day

– Becoming a fact-finder. Looking through profiles of
a date’s friends, digging up the history of a person,
reading emails and chat screens, looking through cell
phone call histories, etc

– “Copying” the date and suddenly becoming interested
with the same foods and hobbies the partner is interested
in. (This kind of person will often find themselves
“hating” the habits they’ve picked up after a few months
and move onto the next set of habits they copy from
their next partner.)

– Not respecting boundaries

– Any kind of stalking behavior

2) Have active drugs, alcohol, or gambling addictions

As a dating coach who has helped tens of thousands of
readers in the past ten years, I’ve really seen the
negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse. If you’ve
got a drug, alcohol, or gambling habit, seek help

3) Feeling like a trophy…or wanting to keep a trophy

As I’ve stated in the past, people who practice
“down-dating” or “up-dating” will only hurt themselves
in the long run. For a relationship to work out, both
parties must respect each other equally.

4) Wanting to be with someone just to feel physically

Do not be in a relationship just because it makes
you feel physically attractive. You’ll keep on finding
yourself attracted to partners who are bad for you.
And when you finally find someone with good character,
you’ll probably end up cheating because you want more
excitement. (I see this all the time!)

5) Jumping into future fantasies – getting married, etc

If you find yourself thinking about getting married
before you have dated for at least a year, you’re getting
ahead of yourself. From experience, you need at least
two to three years to know someone well. You may think
you “know” a person because you think you’re soul mates,
but chances are, you won’t feel that way anymore when
the attraction level drops.

6) Acting emotional whenever you are around a person

Emotional drama isn’t a sign of true love. It’s a sign
of incompatibility and character problems. So if you
constantly find yourself being overly emotional around
every person you date, chances are, at least half
of the character problems is on your end.

7) Wanting to take without giving back or giving a lot
more than what comes back

If you constantly give more than what you get back
in a relationship, then you’re way too needy and do not
know how to protect yourself.

If you only take but never give, then you aren’t going
to be satisfied in your relationship in the long run.

A relationship has to be at least near equal in order
for it to work!

8) Angry about your life or family

Daddy issues do exist. If you’re angry about your life
or family, see a therapist and get those issues fixed.
From my experience, most men and women who hate their
family end up having dysfunctional relationships when
they get into a long term relationship as well. Let
go of your emotional baggage so that it doesn’t affect
your partner and relationship.


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