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With hundreds of thousands of users in various countries, you can meet singles across the world, or much closer to home and search through your options with unique filters. Continue reading below to learn about the various features on Plenty of Fish so you can determine which dating site is best suited to your needs.

The Plenty of fish dating website lets you sign up for free and all you need to do is feed the basic information such as your habits, marital status, hobbies, profession, religion, drinking habits, family background, children, profession, and lots more. Moreover, you can personalize your profile and include a catchy headline to your profile to grab the attention.

Here are the top problems about using web site and quick solutions:

1. How can I Hide My Profile On Plenty of Fish

Hiding your POF profile is Easy.
-Log in to POF.
-Click Edit Profile at the top of the page.
-Look for the sentence at the top of the page that says “To hide your profile from others click here.”
for details check our post about hiding your profile on POF

2. How can i delete my profile on

For that, type on your web browser, after that you have to login to your pof account.
POF doesn’t lets you to delete you account easily. So, on the pof account delete page they have provided various information that encourage you to remain in pof.
If you wish to continue to Delete Plenty of Fish account then you need to find and click on the link which says “To delete your account CLICK HERE! “. The link is generally located somewhere in the middle of the page.
After clicking on that link, then you will be asked for the reason why you are leaving plenty of fish. If you found someone of then they ask you to post a testimonial and share your story on their site.
After that you need to click on Delete account link and after that your pof account gets deleted.

3. I can not log in to

1. You’ve forgotten your password XXXXX you are entering it wrong. Click HERE to retrieve your password.
2. You may be typing your username incorrectly.
3. Your profile may be up for review – try logging in again in 48 hours to see if your profile is back in the system.
4. You’ve been deleted from due to one or more of the following:
a. Email addresses, website addresses, or phone numbers were included in your profile.
b. Not enough information in your profile description.
c. Indecent content, nude images, duplicate profiles, or harassment of other users.
d. We immediately delete escorts, scammers, spammers, anyone trying to sell something on, and anyone trying to direct members to other websites.

“you can not login to cause the user name is taken by someone else lol try adding a digit youll remember at end, diff variations of the username you want 🙂 example if you want the username britguy try putting br1tguy or britguy1/br1tguy1 (or your year of birth after britguy)”


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