0 is an Indian dating , friendship and social networking site. Registration at hardly takes a minute. All you need to do is fill an email ID and some relevant details. You are also given an option to register automatically to “”, one of the biggest matrimonial website. has received an average of 4 stars on most websites, thus making it an attractive alternative to find friends and dates.

Safety And Security Of Users

The website is large and trustworthy (it has huge giants like “”, “”, “”, “” as its network sites.) Moderated and free from spammers and other activities that harm the members interests. All the details you provide them are kept safe and confidential.


The website looked very user friendly even in the first use. The website also enhances its experience by giving users a tour (guide) of their website. You are given an individual zone (webpage) which can be personalized according to your needs. Members can engage themselves in large number of activities like playing games, adding photos, form groups, see videos and discover blogs. You can chat, send scraps, messages, view others profiles or search for potential dates. Special paid services are also offered by the website. The games are designed according to the needs of the Indian users. Bollywood related games are also popular here. The games are powered by Zapak. Searching for people is a piece of cake. New people, active members, regular members and popular members on fropper can easily be differentiated. Paid services makes it even more advanced. People can form groups where people of similar interests can join (Eg people interested in astronomy or cricket)
EZ blogs is another interactive feature. Users can make posts and share with the world what they find interesting. Votes are used to distinguish between the different members. They are distinguished on the basis of regularity, popularity, friendliness. Members can vote other members. Members with higher votes are seen as better dating potentials Another breathtaking feature is its forums. Posts on almost everything that you can probably imagine is there on the forum.

Some Stats is reported of having four million members and the website claims that its still growing. It is India’s number 1 website for dating and is used by a large number of people to find pairs and make new friends. Most people are from the age group 18-30. This makes it popular among youngsters in India. It receives nearly 150% more traffic than an average Indian Dating site.


Fropper receive much more traffic than other dating sites and clearly has more active users. Finding relations through Fropper is thus easier. Some benefits of paid services include

    [item]Instant chat[/item] [item]Abuse free experience[/item] [item]Feature to block users[/item] [item]Advanced search to search people even more easily[/item] [item]Competitive features that other sites fail to offer[/item]

Website is good for people who want to safeguard themselves against spammers, fake people and fraudulent ads. However their strict rules and safety measures makes dating a little difficult. has left no stone unturned to enhance your experience here. It’s safe, secure and friendly. Fropper allows users to use their services via SMS and mobile. This enables people to avail their services on the go. The tagline Noone’s a stranger is well justified. Vast forum. Users have reported high chances of finding a date and found to be very helpful in expanding their social circle.


On closer observation and scrutiny it is found that many fake profiles have been made. This can be due to the ease of signing up. One must read all the documents and conditions before opting for the paid service. Fropper has strict and stringent rules which may totally change your outlook about the website. For Eg They reserve the right to limit the number of messages that you send or even screen your messages without prior notice. Many members report that paid services work effectively only for a while. After that it becomes quite inefficient. also restricts you from giving any details (phone number, email ID etc that can enable you to communicate outside fropper) Paid services (Premium Membership according to their site) are also found to be expensive to many.


A great place where one can make friends, find dates and even find their sole mates. It should be used with care and proper understanding of the website. The website offers a gamut of services and new users are advised to thoroughly understand so that the best use of the website can be made.


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