You can also make Money displaying your ads on Plenty of Fish so you can get clicks from and convert it for any CPA – CPL advertising affiliate sites or get sales for your products. Below are first 5 videos that will guide you and start advertising.

#1 Introduction to POF Ads

#2 Campaign


#3 Plentyoffish Ads Delivery and Targeting

#4 Target Links

#5 How to Add a Creative at


How to Advertise on POF

Instructions to start advertising now!


Step 1) Go to: and sign up
for an account by clicking “Create Your First Ad”, and
completing the form.
If you have already created an account, you can
simply login to the system!

Step 2) The next page is where you create a new
campaign. Fill in the necessary fields (Campaign Name,
CPM) and add appropriate targeting. See targeting tips
for more details.

Step 3) To add a creative, make sure your image, text
and links are compliant. (For more details, visit the POF
Advertising Guidelines page under the help menu.) The
ad will appear exactly as it does in the creative preview,
on the bottom left side. The image will not be viewable
until after you submit it.


Step 4) The next screen is the funding page.
You must add funds to your account before your
ads will run. This section will also keep a record of
all of your transactions
Step 5) The ‘replenish my account’ option
automatically rebills your credit card, preventing
your campaign from stopping once the funds hit
zero. It is entirely optional, but recommended.


Step 6) Once funded, you are directed to the main
page which holds all of your campaigns. This page
will be the starting point everytime you login. You
can pause, resume, edit or start new campaigns from
this level, as well as check reporting, or link to your
account and funding details.
This level, also displays how many impressions have
delivered to each campaign. Clicking on the numbers
under Imp/Lifetime and Imp./Today, provides
a detailed breakdown of your daily and lifetime
statistics, by campaign. Clicking on the numbers to
see a breakdown by creative.



Step 7) To view and manager your creatives, click
on the campaign name on the main page. This will
display all existing creatives within the campaign,
allow you to add new creatives and view their
approval status. If a creative was not approved, it
will list the reasons why they where declined.
And now, you’re advertising!!
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact, at email


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