How To Get Over a Break Up


  Life always presents us with challenges – some which may seem impossible to win. The thing to remember though is that life’s challenges can not always be completed by the fastest and strongest person. Some times it only takes will and a positive state of mind. You are always in control of your own emotions and feelings, so don’t let them get the better of you. If your mind is negative, it will reflect on your mood, and then affect your bodily self and maybe even friends and family. Don’t push yourself through an ordeal like that. 

  What could possibly even present that much of a problem to our inner equilibrium though? Perhaps a fresh or old relationship break up. One of the hardest things to comprehend or move on from is a break up, depending on how powerful or successful the relationship was in the past. Be it a boyfriend+girlfriend or a husband+wife – Both couples have the potential to experience a break up. They may not be permanent, but it is really impossible to tell at first. The only thing you should really be concentrating on is ‘moving on.’ How hard can that be? Well, it can be a very painless process if you know how to deal with it correctly.

  First of all, get anything relative to the relationship away and try to keep your thoughts on positive things. If you are surrounded by old memories and filled with sorrowful emotions, just try to push them aside. If you are feeling unsatisfied about things you may have said – it’s better to hold onto unsaid words. Just constantly arguing with your ex will only make things more tense and damaged. It may be beneficial to isolate yourself from people for a little while, so you can think things through and finally regain your smile. The long and short of it is, sadness gets boring after a while. Thus, you can’t be sad forever. People tend to be clingy with broken relationships though. One person may stay attached for months after the break up. This is an awful thing to do. Your days will consist of the same thing for months: Getting up, moping around, most likely texting/calling your ex and whining to them for a while, then sleeping. Little variety. Little happiness. When you finally get over the break up you will realize it has been months since you have been happy, then you will realize how much time you wasted moping around the last couple months. It is not worth it.

  It’s extremely important to think about your self worth in a time like a break up. You are still the same person you were before. You still have the same brain, heart, and lungs. You may have suffered emotionally, but that can usually be easily healed. If you couldn’t get along with this person well enough to hold a relationship – then they are not the perfect person for you. They may be close to it – but there is someone better in the world. The wound on your heart may last a long time but someone will be there to put a bandage on it for you. Tell yourself each morning that you are still the same person and can be an even better person now. Don’t be bitter or sulky for the rest of your life. It is okay to cry – but not in a repetitive day by day sequence. The one thing that most people need to do but don’t, is just – Think first with your head; then with your heart.


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