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As soon as you arrive at this website, your first impression is that it’s probably just another matchmaking site. Well, you’d only be half right – it is another place made to find your perfect match, but it also has a couple features that are usually unseen by most dating sites like this: Double Dating, and a Date Now option.

Before getting too far into that though, I like to grade the website on its appearance first. There aren’t many colors visible, besides the menu and banner, which have the same color combination. The information feels a bit cluttered, or suffocated; but it’s still pretty easy to navigate the pages. There’s the typical search bar, and another one right above it, which corresponds to the “Date Now” feature named earlier. All together, the home page is fairly decent, and offers a good perspective on what you’ll get out of the site, and just why you should stick with them.

I suppose it’d be good to mention that the website’s services are completely free. This means, that you won’t be restricted from contacting certain members, or be sealed off from any extra features. Everything you see, is what you get. Oddly, when I tried signing up, I received a page that said they were not currently accepting registrations. This has never happened before, and it leads me to believe that the site’s database is just too full right now, or they’re doing work on it. Either way, it was still disappointing. Also, if you want to sign up, you can’t use a hotmail or MSN email address. They don’t state why, but it’s just a rule. Even though I can’t actually become a part of the site right now, I can still see what they all offer.

There’s a couple things that make this site unique compared to all others. I have yet to see another matchmaking website offer double dating, date now, and a unique college section. The one thing that will capture most people’s attention instantly is the double dating. Everyone knows what it is, but have they ever seen it utilized into a website like this? Probably not. The double date feature allows you to hook up with other people who are also willing to go on a double date. It may be a fun experience, or it may not be. You can’t expect every date to be a total success. There’s also the “Date Now” option. What this lets you do, is instantly hook up with another single in seconds. You’re instantly matched up, and set for a date. Of course, not everyone will use this feature, but those who are daring may want to. The last thing I mentioned, was the college section. When you’re signing up, you have the option to put what college you’re in. Then you become apart of a list of different singles who are also in colleges. There’s different categories in this section, like: Hottest Colleges, Best College for Dating, etc. It’s just an interesting feature not commonly seen.

Overall, I can’t grade the dating site to 100 percent satisfaction, because I haven’t seen what it’s like on the inside.  Judging from the outside info though, it sounds very promising. The double dating and date now features could be something you love a lot, or just hate. I would recommend hanging around here for a while, and attempt to join up every now and then, and see if you’re allowed to yet; Because it actually seems worth the wait.

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  1. whats been to i am free tonight dating ? it was so nice but now i can not reach it. i was able to join great meetings with iftd members i hope someone can handle it to go live again 🙁

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