I can not login to Plenty of Fish.com


Theres a coomon question about signing up to plenty of fish.com drives people to make a search on Google and spend tons of time. Generally these problems ocur cause of cookies disabled on your browser. First be sure that your cookies are on that side.

Whats cookies how can i enable it?
Cookies are simply some small codes which the sites you surf seemlesly intagrates to your computer, but in most cases these are safe codes. In your each visit the website checks them and knows about your last login time, your username etc. In internet explore you can turn on it by simply clicking the “Internet Options” top right. Another common problem is using proxies while trying to login plentyoffish.
What is proxy how can i disable?

Proxy makes you surf like from another computer or country, thus you can eliminate blocks and firewalls for websites. You can be using proxies without knowing what it is, in most cases users are using a VPN software like Hotspotshield, ktunnel or hidemyass. .. Be sure that your software or tunnel is turned off.

some other simple solutions to login errors are:

Be sure your login email and pass is true, if cant remember just follow the associated link on POF

This can be a temporary problem about plentyoffish dating site just try later

and the last one… You are just banned and your account removed from website, try to register with another username.






  1. I have forgot my password , I have sent my e-mail to you several times at login, so I can reset my password??? Can you help my Thank you

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