I’m sure if you have an interest in online dating, you’ve heard of Lavalife at one point or another.  This is a pretty popular site and has been featured in commercials and ads, etc.  In addition to the online services the site offers – there’s also a phone line you can call.

If you just want to have a casual or sexy conversation with someone, you can quickly and easily call up their hot line and get instantly hooked up.  You probably wouldn’t be searching the internet though if you preferred using the hot line.  Well, the one thing that sets the website apart from the phone service is that it’s completely free.  The hot line costs you per minute, as the website is free to use all-year-round.

What’s all free though?  There’s plenty of free stuff that’s offered here, according to the website.  There’s plenty of information to help you right on the front page.  Signing up for a free profile on Lavalife will give you the following features:

    [item]Free profile and free communities including dating, friendship, and intimate[/item] [item]Free browsing of all member profiles[/item] [item]Free unlimited contacting of members and infinite replies and emails[/item]

There is a lot promised here and it all sounds pretty good.  What’s even better is that the dating site allows you to connect in more ways than one!  Of course you can use the phone line and internet, but then you can also use web cam or Lavalife mobile.  The website was designed for any sort of single of legal age.  For anyone 45+ years of age, there is also a special website for them.  The actual sign up is a bit daunting – and takes a lot of monotonous work.

You have to fill out everything though before you can move one, so be prepared to write a minimum of 100 words about yourself, which actually isn’t that bad.  This is all for the purpose of matching you up with other singles better.  The site isn’t that bad as far as its layout goes. The red is a nice color that attracts away from all the white.  Overall – it’s pretty nice.  As popular as the website is you have to expect it to have a decent amount of members.  So finding that single especially for you shouldn’t be too tough!

    [item]Many ways to communicate[/item] [item]Lots of free services[/item] [item]Huge memberbase[/item]
    [item]Extensive Sign up[/item]

There really isn’t anything wrong with this dating website.  It isn’t perfect – that’s for sure.  But it’s a popular hookup site and definitely worth checking out for all its services.

Overall Rating:  8/10

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