Interesting URL right? “.me” is an uncommon ending – as far as I know anyways. As soon as I saw the front page brighten up the screen for I was instantly intrigued as to what the rest of the site might look like. It is definitely one of the brightest and warmest layouts I have seen in a while. For some reason the mild blend of colors really ties the page together.  One thing a site needs is a good first impression – and I must say that so far the website is pretty stylish. It may not be the most informative, or big on complications, but I do like the simplicity. Unfortunately there are no explanations to the site available on the front page. There is really nothing but the sign up, success stories, and other lesser links towards the bottom. I can be forgiving here though because of the layout. A dating website definitely needs more than a nice layout to be successful. So hopefully they can deliver more than some flashy color work.

Well, I can’t even begin to explain how easy the sign-up process is, but I will anyways. The sign-up will literally take you about 1-2 minutes. No email activation required, no long matchmaking tests either. It’s unclear whether this is a good or bad thing – you be the one to decide. You can further edit your profile at a later date if you wish, so there is no hassle to get anything done. It may be a good idea to finish up your profile soon though, so you can receive more interest from other singles. There are several different language options as well, so this site is for all sorts of different people. You must be a single though – no married couples here. You don’t have to be looking for love – it could be friendship as well. All member profiles have clear descriptions and you can easily tell how someone is just by viewing their profile for a short time. The overall layout out once you get inside the site is..slightly cartoon-ish? There are lots of emoticons and bubble options and lots of colors concentrated in certain buttons and areas. I can’t say I like the layout as much as I did on the outside of the site – but it isn’t bad. It’s just plain in most places. You can join completely free. You have the very basic features like messaging and searching. If the free membership isn’t enough for you though, there are also a few paid membership offers.

    [item]Stylish layout[/item] [item]Lots of membership capabilities[/item] [item]Lifetime Memberships[/item] [item]Free features available[/item]
    [item]Layout could be a bit childish to some[/item] [item]Free features are limited[/item]

I really like the idea of a Lifetime membership. I have yet to see another dating website offer a deal like that. With a lifetime membership you are bound to find your soul mate eventually! With over 6000 people online at a time and 2000 more joining every day, this is a definite pass in the dating website department.

Overall Rating:  8.5/10

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