The word mingle means “to bring or combine together or with something else.” In terms with the dating website, it means to bring people together. Aw, how cute. In all seriousness though – can this site do what their URL implies? A look around the is sure to answer that. At least you can browse all the contents of the site even without signing up.  The front page is..cluttered, to say the least. It’s a mediocre layout and color scheme with bunches of information scattered throughout. You’ll find the menu, search bar, lots of annoying tags, and some popular singles towards the bottom. There is one informatory snippet though that lets you know all of the features available on the site – for free.

Everything that is available to a free member is as follows:  free online dating, blogs, clubs, groups, social networking, parties, tagging,matchmaking, free personals, chat, and forums. I’m always intrigued by forums and chat rooms because they tend to be a leading factor in most dating websites. Since a lot of free dating sites don’t have these things – it may be worth your time to look into mingles.com just to take a peak at all the tools and features they offer. If you don’t know – groups are made by people who bring other people with a common interest together (There’s that mingle definition again!). This could also be a way to find a single who is into the same stuff that you are. You can easily join an existing group, or make a new one! The groups vary extremely – from “Dog People” to “FireFighterMatch”. You can expect the forums to be pretty average – lots of different subjects and things to post about. If forums and groups are not intimate enough for you – then you can always visit the video chat rooms.

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If you are someone out there seriously looking for a lasting relationship – be careful at what singles you get interested in. There are a lot of people on online dating websites (including this one) who just wish to advertise themselves – posting smut, etc. I already noticed several people like that – who just like to flirt with as many people as they can. This matchmaking website could be a somewhat enjoyable experience, as long as you find a single that can give you a lasting relationship. Well – I’ve already went over everything the site has to offer, completely free of charge too. So there is not much more to touch down on.

The content here is good but the layout is just bad. It is not a pretty or “attractive” site, but all the free features could keep most people here regardless. This is definitely a pass overall and should be looked at at least once.

Overall Rating:  8/10

    [item]Tons of free features[/item] [item]Plenty of members, most of which are respectable singles[/item]

    [item]Ugly/Cluttered layout[/item] [item]Occasional smut postings[/item]

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