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OKCupid.com is a very different kind of dating website. The site offers a variety of features including customizable searches, profiles, and daily matches. The site is very well trafficked and because of this it is much easier to find matches in your area.
When first starting out on the website, you will be asked to create an extended profile.

The bar in the upper left corner will display what needs to be done in a step-by-step fashion in order to build the ideal dating profile. Sections include a summary of yourself, a section for what you’re doing with your life, and one for what you are looking for on the site. Since the profile will come up on multiple searches, it is important to fill out this information carefully.

The “I’m Looking for” section, aside from the summery, is probably the most important section on the profile page. Not only does this tell people what you look for in a partner, it also tells people what your expectations of that relationship will be. Some people in the OKCupid community do not use the site for dating and others may only be looking for long-term relationships. The community is pretty good about messaging only people who are looking for similar things and this section will no doubt affect the kind of people you meet on OKCupid.

Dating site will also ask you to answer a series of 100 questions to help find potential matches in your area. The questions also help in the search, allowing users to see how well their potential dates would get along with them based on a percentage. This percentage is also used when OKCupid creates automatic matches based on your answers in the “Quiver” section. Users have the ability to skip questions that they do not wish to answer, which is useful since answers are publically displayed.

While upgrades are available for free accounts, the site is fully functional without them. The biggest advantage to the upgrade is seeing how other users rated you on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The A-List upgrade also allows for anonymous browsing for those who may be a little shyer than others or who want to view several profiles without seeming overly interested.

The search engine is also very easy to use in comparison to other websites. A-List users can sort by attractiveness, body type, and personality. General search options that are available on free accounts are also helpful and accurate. The search includes an option to include people who are online and respond to their messages quickly. This allows for people to not only find specific people they are looking for but feel confident that their potential matches are still looking.

Unlike many free dating communities, OKCupid.com tends to keep a stable community that takes no for an answer. The people that use the popular website tend to be used to the dating scene and when they don’t receive a reply in the messages tend to understand to move on to the next person. Since the profiles take extensive time to complete, there are not nearly as many people who use the site to mock or make fun of other members. The forums are also monitored closely by the website, cutting down on spam and general rudeness.

All and all, OKCupid is very good for finding local dates and new friends.


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