Okcupid.com vs Mate1.com as an online matchmaking platform



OkCupid.com is the newest dating site to hit the web’s singles scene. It is clean and easy to navigate also 100% free to sign up for and use. The sign up process is incredibly simple to gain access to. One of the initial benefits is that the user is allowed to view matches without filling out any lengthy questionnaires or taking in-depth personality tests.

One of the handiest tools available on OkCupid is the ability for the user to ‘Improve Matches’ by answering a series of questions. The more questions answered, the more the match results are narrowed. This flexibility in the matching process allows singles greater control over the number of matches they encounter. This casual way of narrowing the matching process takes the edge off the search and makes it much more fun and interesting. Some of the questions are quirky, some are quite serious.

In addition to matching and dating capabilities, Ok Cupid.com also offers a variety of interesting content to explore including journals, forums and an entire site area aptly named ‘Treasures’. This variety of content adds a new dimension to the matching process. It also gives users even more reason to stick around even if they’ve found that special someone.

Though the site is free for all users, there is an upgrade option called “A-List”. This upgrade option provides users with even greater control over the matching process including options such as income, religion, and education. These added tools help to refine the matching process even further.

Overall, OKCupid.com’s simple navigation and matching process make it a site that will definitely attract new users. The added benefits of control over the whole matching process will encourage people to stay around for the long term. It is definitely a site worth checking out, not only for singles, but regular web users as well.


Mate1.com stands above the competition for online dating which allows singles to meet and get to know each other in a secure, friendly environment. Visitors can create a profile complete with photos and voice messages. Guest members may browse the website and make a few contacts. Full memberships, on the other hand, provide unlimited access to any profile, to endless communication options, and all profile information including photos and listening to voice greetings, along with other additional advantages. Anytime you try to access a feature which is only accessible to full members, you will be given links to upgrade your membership. Full membership is free for female members.

Millions of profiles from individuals across the world are waiting for new members. Meet singles from your area who have similar interests, similar lifestyles, or similar belief systems. Enjoy getting to know others of all ages, professions, backgrounds, and walks of life, who are looking to share themselves with you. New single men and women join Mate1.com every day, and many more are making extraordinary connections all the time!

Want to know what Mate1.com is all about? Create a guest profile for free, browse the site, and see Mate1’s amazing online dating opportunities for yourself! Within minutes you will be delighted by how easy it is to meet and greet others! You can choose to upgrade to a full membership for real-time chat sessions, instant messaging, unlimited email communications, and a brighter love life! For friendships, romance, real relationships, and more, Mate1.com is the right place for you! Sign up with a free guest membership today!


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