1. Excuse me, but OKCUPID has been around almost TWO DECADES. I have been a moderator of this site for the ENTIRE time. It began as a TESTING SITE for geeks, nerds & brainiacs as part of BARNES & NOBLE and wasn’t even called okcupid, but The Spark. Chris (the owner of the site) split off from Barnes & Noble over 15 years ago.

    As time went on, this site became a dating website slowly since the people who used it wanted a way to meet each other & Chris developed it.

    It use to be a very very very cool social networking website full of games, tests, forums, blog journals, etc. where cool people would go to meet other cool people.

    Then one day in 2013 mmatchh dot com hijacked the website because it was the number one dating site & it was destroying the pay dating business.

    Let me repeat: OKCUPID has always been the number one dating site in existence – kapiche?

    Problem with the idiots who bought it is that they only bought it to ruin it, to tear it apart & destroy it. So they got rid of all the good features of the site & tweaked the best matching algorithm in the world to become the worst one in the world (unless you pay of course).

    Therefore, when these corporate greedy idiots bought the site – they ruined it.

    They gutted the site, destroyed it & scared off all the cool people who used it, now only idiot cell phone using grunting stone age jerks use it, so it’s the same as the other sites mmaatchh dot com also owns such as datehookup.

    There is a concerted effort everywhere in all aspects of human society to buy up & destroy everything everywhere that is a threat. This site is a casualty of that.

    With that said, it’s still better than bottom of the barrel white-trash no-class obnoxious ghetto hick-stupid sites like plentyoffish & datehookup, and it’s still better than any pay site—

    —because paysites business model is dependent on deception & lying. Free sites are only invested in your success, not saying that they have “millions of singles” when the truth about those so-called “millions” is that they are fake accounts created by the site admins, or they are abandoned accounts by people smart enough to use the trial & quit before the rip-off fees start.

    The internet is a PUBLIC PLACE & code, ALL CODE is nothing but 1’s & 0’s & cannot be legally be copy protected by anyone anywhere. What that means is this:


    If you create a site & put it on the net, then you agree that you are on public property & you surrender and forfeit the privilege to charge fees.


    YOU braindead idiots that write into the comments section of THIS WEBSITE thinking that it is somehow affiliated with the dating sites— YOU ARE BEING STUPID.

    The dude who runs this site has nothing to do with those sites & cannot help you. He is not running customer support, he is only writing reviews.

    STOP BEING STUPID & get a BRAIN in your head & act like you know how to think.


  2. Maureen 9496 on

    OkCupid.com is a great website. But, I have a problem, the picture on my (site) are ministers. The photo I had did not have enough pixels. One that can be used will follow ASAP. Maureen 9496

  3. Elizabeth Anthony on

    Please remove the picture of the two ministers on my link. It was stated the picture I sent did not have enough pixels. I will send a picture of myself ASAP, but please remove the picture that is there ! Thank you….Maureen 9496
    A question was asked on my site, was I in the witness protection program ? Great wit, but see why I am asking for the pictures to be removed,

  4. i think okcupid.com is the far best free online dating site of the web, most crowded , real , and quality one

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