Well, is here now to provide its matchmaking services to you. To be precise, it has actually been here for a while – but some people may have just never heard of it. It is indeed a matchmaking site, designed to help you find the perfect mate – or match (as the URL suggests.)

One thing to note is that this website has actually received a lot of publicity, so you may have heard of it at one time or another. It has apparently been aired on NBC, Dr. Phil, Today, and even in the New York Times. It has gotten a lot of face time – so it’s only appropriate to see what all the hype is about.

First off, I kind of enjoy their layout and color scheme. It has a pretty basic design – like something you would expect to see from most sites. The colors and everything work just fine though and you can browse right along without any hassle. There really isn’t any information on the front page of though; besides the search bar. No worries though, there are plenty of sections you can refer to, like the FAQ/HELP.

As a quick tip, this dating site is completely free to basic members. You won’t have a full dating arsenal at your hands – but it will still be effective. The basic membership includes tests to rate your compatibility to other singles, photos, your own profile, and “Romance Quizzes.” Sounds pretty interesting, overall. It’s not stated straight out how much the Premium prices are, but you are told what kind of bonuses you can get.

As a Premium member you will receive: free photo resizing and cropping, duet total compatibility system, access to all members, and “other things” not stated.

    [item]Free Basic Membership[/item] [item]Simplistic Layout[/item] [item]Multiple Features & Tools[/item] [item]Heavy Traffic/Popular Site[/item]
    [item]No Exact Prices[/item] [item]Lacks Some Information/Features[/item]

I’m really nitpicking for cons because there aren’t really that many present. There is not a lot to hate about the site, except that it just lacks a lot of the features you would see on a lot of other online dating sites. There is success stories too, explaining the rewards can bring you. This is a good site to check out – because of its popularity. It’s regarded as a great online dating site and can most likely serve its purpose to you.

Overall Rating:  8.5/10

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