Plenty of still seems the best free online dating site of 2015


1. First Impression
Plenty of Fish comes off as a regular dating site, which in my personal opinion means there is not too much expectation of finding a compatible partner, or any partner for that matter. One of the first things I noticed when I signed up for the site was the fact that it does not let you look around and check out other people’s profiles before it requires that you sign up. You simply have to enter your information, which takes just a minute or two and then you have a profile that you can access. Due to the fact that you cannot look around and observe the site before you join makes it seem like they are trying to sucker you in, but once you are in the site it looks fairly appealing. There are a great deal of profiles which you can find by doing a match search, which essentially lets you plug in the exact specifications for potential partners that you are looking for. For instance, you can enter the age, their sexual preference and a host of other details that the system uses to narrow down your matches. After this, you can see a list of potential matches and can click through to their profiles and it honestly does appear to be a real site with real profiles. There has been a lot of controversy over the last few weeks about dating sites having a ton of fake profiles, leading to a lot more skepticism about the site, but the profiles do appear to be entirely real. Although there are undoubtedly fake accounts on this site, as there are in just about every single online dating website, used in order to attract people, this site does seem to be legit.

2. Layout/Design
The layout of the is appealing and is easy to navigate around. The design is straight forward and so far it has been very easy to figure out how to get around the pages, check out people’s profiles and send other users messages. The only negative that I can say about the layout of the site is the fact that you cannot look around the site before you end up joining, which probably turns a lot of people away that may have wanted to join the site in the first place. However, the design and layout once you are logged in are great and very user friendly.

3. Services , general info, stats, numbers, people
The site Plenty of Fish basically allows you to connect with other users that are looking for a potential partner and all in all it seems like it does deliver that ability. It appears that there are a great deal of people that are not only on the website, but actually use it with regularity. You can tell this because there are boxes that show when a user was online the last time previously, which gives you a good idea as to if the person is active on the site or not. The site has several messages that are sent in the first handful of minutes on the site, which is likely a way of introducing users to the message features. You can message various people back and forth and through that you can then exchange whatever other information you would like in order to meet up with people, which all seems to be legit and in order.

4. Pros/Cons
There are far more pros for this site, especially if you can actually meet up with people successfully and find a match, due to the fact that it is completely free. The majority of dating websites require a monthly payment, which can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of the year, so the fact that Plenty of Fish is cost free is incredibly appealing. You can also easily upload pictures and create a profile that demonstrates your qualities, as well as looking at the various profiles and pages of other users, which is exactly what you want in a dating site. There are no cons that are open and apparent with this site, unless of course the intended goal of meeting a match does not in fact work.

5. Overall rating/Summary
Plenty of Fish seems to be a legit dating site that delivers exactly what it advertises, which is a platform to meet potential matches for free. Based on the fact that the usability is great, it is free to use, and leaves no risk to the user makes it appear to be the utmost of high quality sites and as a result, I would rate it nine out of ten, simply due to the fact that it is undetermined if the end result is effective.


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