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0 is the greatest dating site of the web and also the most crowded social place to share thoughts about online dating. Plentyoffish’s largest followers are from US and Canada but it really shows peaks in UK and the rest of euroe, thus they started using their local domain extensions like, etc.

It’s name was first Plenty of but lately they reserved instead after generating huge income. Now have over 70 million registered members and 500.000 logged-in users any time so overall really active users seems to be over 15 million and these numbers make it the absolutely mosost popular dating site of the web.

Plentyoffish uppercases to be a “free dating site” but it means to show many advertisement on the site. They also offer some options for paying customers like “to be on the top of the reciptient” of the message if you spend some money.

Lately they are always on the top of most lists and prizes which critizises dating sites and they stress that “Do not believe on free tag, is the only fully free functional website like messaging, smiles, who searched me functionalities and we have some more surprises”


There were many hacker attacks to POF and so till 2011 they increased their security options; so you have to spend a little time while siging up. They need a password thats very complicated so probably you will forget it. If you think your pass is so secure then no problem but otherwise you will se “your password is too weak” error too much. Also be sure that your ip is not in the list of countries that banned, in case they have a huge list of banned country list and they do not accept people from there, so if you are in one of these countries sadly you have to use a proxy from somewhere else e.g. USA.

Now be sure that this site wants to ban / delete your account and they have many reasons for them, in order to be safe fill all fields like profile questions and chemistry test and this also will take your many time. One more essential step to complete is to upload a nice photo if not be sure you will not be able to log-in again. If you have security question marks you can hide your photo later to be only shown that you have their name on your contact list.


So let’s think that you were so lucky to do everything perfect, filled every little area of all forms and uploaded a perfect photo and not been banned. Now whats next? If any stupid one visited your profile and clicked on the link that “you asked for sex” now you have been reported and now everyone can automatically block you by just selecting an option. If your body is shown any part of your profile photo prison guard of will catch you and kick your ass, you can think yourself in a church or a mosque cause its so strict. Also the website will be logging you out automatically so be sure to save / copy anything you wrote on forms before hitting the button “send”.


The usual way to contact someone is through the profile pages, but if you cant get any response after sending many messages then you can try the active forums, so you can tell your ideas better and can catch some interest. But first try to not be in mind of love/relationship first in the forums just type open minded like everyone there is your just close friends, at the end you will see messages coming from participants share your ideas.


You can see that near all profiles havve the basic form info, at least three pictures and some more lines written ahead than classic words like ” here i am “, “i am waiting for my soulmate” etc. If you are serious in finding a mate here you have to be creative, do not be boring put smiling, attractive photos, write many words that describe that you are funny cause nobody here is looking for boring people. Also before sending a message to someone forget “hi” “hello” but read their all profile and ask something about their lifestyle, and tell what you share with them.

There’s an average of %5 reply rate if you are a men in this site, this percentage can go up to 99% if you are a woman 🙂 Its the bad rule of all dating websites and women has many ways to ban people just in order to their messages. You can also send some gifts if you pay some bucks, if you pay your messages can be on top of reciptient and you can have many better options that will bring you up and increase your chance to be realized.

There are a lot of inquiry choices including age, area, what sort of relationship they are searching for, tallness, hair shading, religion, drugs (yet who would really answer yes to the “do you do medications” question?), In the event that they need youngsters, and then some. Interestingly on account of the science test you can like-wise pick individuals in view of in the event that they are family driven, agreeable, have fearlessness, or on the off chance that they are reliant on others inwardly.

Special Features:

    [item]Chemistry: Answer some questions and you will be matched in order to other members answers, useless.[/item] [item]Favorites list: keep a list of those profiles you want to go back to.[/item] [item]Date Night: Find users that want to date this night, if you are a male you will probably cant find[/item] [item]Users most likely to respond list[/item] [item]Meet Me: Random photos (paid ones up) of random matches in your city. You can select “yes” or “no” if you would like to meet. If you select “yes” they will see your account on their “Would like to meet you” page.[/item] [item]Who has viewed me: Nice function, but you have to pay[/item]


As we told before there are thousands of people here and an admin that wants to ban you quick, so if you really want to find someone here you have to select one of “paid” options on this site so the editor can not ban you – cause you paid and your messages etc. will be seen. So if we will pay what the hell do we do in this shit-looking dating site?


    [item]Quick and simple to use[/item] [item]They have an expansive number of members, especially in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia[/item] [item]Their update is nonobligatory – all vital peculiarities, including sending messages are free[/item]


    [item]Reaction rates on the site can be low, particularly for men[/item] [item]Support sucks if you are a free user[/item] [item]New joiners needed to fill in a great deal of data and transfer a face photograph, otherwise danger of being banned[/item]


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