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These days everyone is jumping into the mobile scene, even Plentyoffish. They have an app for people who want to date on the go while on their cell phone. The plentyoffish app is available for both the Android market and IPhone users. All in all it is really not that bad to use and very simple to install. and a handful of other sites also have mobile dating applications for those of you who do not use computers often, or are on your phone 24/7 like most of us. If you are an avid POF user, we suggest downloading the Plentyoffish mobile app, it is free.

Some quick unique features

  1. You can send & receive messages for free
  2. With feature like MeetMe – You can swipe through matches, go around with singles or see who are interested in meeting you
  3. With help of GPS, you can message people nearest to you using Application
  4. See who has viewed your profile and assess the matches



How to install to your Mobile Device

If you want to download the Plenty of Fish App, then you can visit the link in their mobiles and touch on Download POF Free Online Dating App which is available at the top of the home page or just go to the Play Store and type POF Free Mobile Application and click or select install to get the application.
After installing the application you can use the application for various purposes which are related to POF such as sending messages and viewing others profiles.
The user interface of the application is very simple and it does not take much time for any user to cope with the system.
If you want to LOGIN to your POF Account then you can easily do so.
For that you need to fill up a simple LOGIN FORM to sign in to your POF ACCOUNT. First you need to enter your Username of the POF Account and continue to the next step.
After doing so you need to enter password.
Now you just need to touch or select Login to complete the login process on the POF App.
If you do not have a Plenty of Fish account, you can sign up or register for a new POF account.
For doing so you need to select “Sign up Now!” from the login page of the mobile app and it will take you to another page.
You need to provide information related to gender, ethnicity, date of birth and email address to get a new POF account. The process to get a new POF account using the mobile application is not difficult and can be done in minutes.

What You Get With Premium Upgrade Option

  1. Show up first on Meet Me!
  2. Unlock every user’s Extended Profile
  3. See if your emails were read or deleted
  4. Experience POF ad-free
  5. Find out the date and time someone viewed your profile
  6. Massive increase in emails
  7. Number of people viewing your profile triples
  8. Use themes on your profile
  9. Stand out in all searches
  10. Send three gifts per day
  11. This upgrade more than doubles your chances of meeting someone
  12. Upload 16 images



Here are the Details of the Android / apple ios Application

Send and Receive Messages
POF mobile messages iconThe messages icon, if you tap it will bring up your POF inbox. You can send and receive messages here. As shown in the image, this example has 4 unread messages. Your unread messages will be numbered. The default settings will allow you to receive notifications through push, much like a text message. So as long as the app is running you will continue to get notifications from Plenty Of Fish. If you do not want push notifications you can easily turn this feature off.

Meet Locals
POF localsBy tapping on the locals icon in the app will show you other members located near your current position. This section sorts from closest to furthest. If you are not in to longer distance dating or maybe want to meet up with someone close, this is a good place to see who is near you. The members displayed here are only other members on a mobile device using the POF app. Check this section often to see updates according to who is online. You never know who may be in your area.

Use The Meet Me Feature
Meet meThe meet me function works as it does on the POF dating site. A list of online dating profiles comes up and you choose whether or not they are someone you would like to meet. By selecting yes, this will notify the user that you are interested in meeting them. By selecting no, there is not a notification sent and you will not be shown their profile again. You can express interest anywhere from your mobile phone or iPad. Give the meet me feature a try, it is a fantastic way to let someone know you are interested.

POF App Mobile Search
POF mobile app searchThe mobile search works the same way the normal POF search does. Once you tap this icon it will bring up a list of dating profiles. You can then click refine search to use more advanced search features such as body type, personal habits, age, gender, etc. If you want to use the username search, swipe to the left and there will be a text field where you can search for a specific user on your mobile device.

Plenty Of Fish profileBy tapping this icon you can view your own profile. There are options here to edit your profile as well. You can also upload some new images or edit existing photos you have on your profile. It is always a good idea to keep your dating profile stocked with fresh new images. If selfies are not your thing, ask a friend to snap a few photos of you and upload them directly from your phone!

Viewed Me
Viewed MeWhen you tap the viewed me icon, you get 2 separate lists. The default list is who viewed you. Maybe you are curious on who checked you out? This is the way know and it costs nothing. If you want to see a list of the dating profiles you have viewed, simply swipe to the left and you can rediscover who you have viewed.

Plenty Of Fish favoritesThe favorites section is where you will find everyone you added to your favorites. You can view their profile or send them a message from this section as well. You can also see by swiping to the left who added you as a favorite. If someone adds you as a favorite, don’t be shy, it might be a good time to contact them. You can do this all from the luxury of the mobile app.

Delete Your Account

For the last title if you are not satisified with the website you can delete your account on plenty of fish and then also from your mobile device.


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