POF.com seems the best dating site of the year 2016


POF is the biggest “fishing” net for the online dating community today. Synonym with the tag “Plenty of Fish”, POF has elevated the pool of dating audience to a sea of unlimited opportunities for both seekers and posters out there as the connection possibilities has reached a staggering 3 million.

POF is all about giving the ever growing global community a new and distinctive experience like never before. It won’t take too long even for a first timer or a curious onlooker to have a brand new impression of the online dating service from the very first click of the cursor.

The unique nature of POF is too obvious to be missed from the very first view of the main page with simplicity and direct approach being its choice in welcoming guests and members.

POF visitors are never bothered with the commonly seen near to nudity images and explicit links like most dating sites thus making this rather “clean” environment genuinely intriguing especially for serious soul mate seekers. With recognition in feature magazine covers, POF has made its reputation as an icebreaker in engaging the dating community in a true fashion of freedom and free from hidden fees.

The chemistry test featured at POF.com is by far the most interesting and realistic assessment of real needs of any soul searcher as this provides an avenue for affective match identification without limiting to sexual preferences alone as criteria but also taken into consideration is the importance of emotional needs as well.

For those searching souls out there, POF will not only be a place to meet new friends and partners but the site offers consultancy of finding your real relationship needs in creating the best option and experience for individual needs.

POF also claims the honour as the best dating site in terms of database update and success ratio with more than 50000 new singles in a pool of unlimited choices while maintaining a compatibility edge.

The one thing that puts POF high above the other similar sites is the fact that not only it provides the easiest and fastest way to meet someone out there thru browse and search options; it also makes it hassle free for all initial contact and primary establishment of interest with private message option at no charge. POF has redefined preferential search by offering 2 simple category of intent namely Casual Dating and No Commitment rather than having too many options in intent which will limit possibilities and potential for successful hook up.

Adding into this excellent package of dating pleasure is POF’s user friendly interface and mobile app free download beside catering community interaction thru forum and blog.

POF is definitely the place where one always feels a step closer to making that dream of lifetime relationship. With plenty of fish, fishing gets easier than ever.


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