Pof.com username problem – This username has already been taken


Did you try clearing your cookies? Sometimes those stupid things are just that easy to fix.

POF is expert at sniffing out proxies and fake accounts. Most proxies don’t work signing up for profiles on POF.

Proxy might have its issues. Try signing up with real ip.

What browser are you using?? are you using an English keyboard?

POF is by the most try-hard admin abused dating site you can coema cross.

I have figured their system out on what relates to a crime on there.

1: Same email address as a previously deleted profile
2: Same pictures unless you change something. I believe they have image recognition software which flags things up or automatically deletes your profile

3: IP address recognition
4: Admin recognises your profile and deletes it.
5: You get flagged by another user for hate/lewd comments

OP is not paranoid. POF quite literally is a huge timesink with little to no reward if you want to be aggressive in your approaches.

The only reason it still exists is because women are on there and it is easy to set up for them. More men get deleted off that site than women.

You have to use a different browser and IP address at the minimum.

I forget how to do it, but with chrome you can make multiple instances on the same computer. (I have about 20 set up for craigslist use) Basically what some guys think they are doing is looking at your browser settings and detecting what plug ins and such you may have as a unique footprint. Meaning that clearing cookies doesn’t work. With a fresh browser you don’t have that footprint.

To get a different IP I just use the hotspot on my phone. If you are using a desktop unplug your router for a while. That usually gives you a fresh one. Check what IP you have before and after at whatsmyip.com (I think thats it. Otherwise just google it) to make sure it changed.

The above should work. They do this due to all the spammers they have had in the past.


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