There are plenty of dating websites to choose from and it is hard to figure out which ones you can trust. Most times you will pay an outrageous price to meet who you think can possibly be the “love of your life” but once you meet them in person, you realize that was not the photo or person you began liking online. That is what makes stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Unlike some of the other dating websites the registration is very simple. In the beginning they do not ask any personal questions such as age or interests; all that is required is an email address. For privacy a confirmation email is sent to you which will gives you direct link right back to the home page. Now you can view profiles from options such as online flirting, new experiences, casual encounters or meet in person. Profiles

In order to post any photos online, (also known as Wealthymen) request that you verify who you are by faxing a valid photo identification over to their office. This can be a state issued identification, driver’s license or passport. Although this seems a little extreme to some people but if you look at it logically, this also guarantees that the person who you are interested in is really the person they claim to be.

There are quite a few perks by becoming verified. For example, your account will always show up first on search results. All the information submitted is only used to provide physical identity and they never share or sell your email address, personal information or financial information with anyone. After verifying your identity, you can then upload one profile photo and nine additional ones. You will also fill out a profile telling others a little bit about yourself and who your ideal mate would be.

The website is very well designed and even the search options are very easy to use. The basic search option or “quick search” allows you to search by age and location. You can also choose if you only want to view profiles that have a verified photo, verified profession and verified income. The advanced search option includes allows you to be more specific in what you are looking for. You can add in race, religion, height, body type, even profession. From the advanced search you can also narrow it down by: online flirting, travel partner, dating, marriage, just experimenting or meet in person.

Now that you have narrowed it down to specifically what you are looking for, so there are no surprises, you will see profile pictures with their screen name, age, location and income. If they are verified an icon will appear by their photo. Without becoming an upgraded member though, this is all you will see and you cannot communicate with them.

There are various memberships to choose from, so even if you are on a budget there will be at least one that fits your needs. You can pick from the 3 or 6 month standard plan and the 1, 3 or 6 month gold plan. With an upgraded membership you will be able to read and reply to messages, receive and send emails to free users and be featured on all search results. For payment accepts all major credit cards, checking accounts or debit cards and PayPal.

When you think that it cannot get any better than hundreds of verified profiles to choose from at an affordable price, it does. The best part about has to be their guarantee. They guarantee that if you do not meet someone within three months then the membership is free.

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