Smooch is definitely an interesting free dating site especially famous in UK but also has members internationally. It was made for singles with the same interests to find and communicate with each other. It is a lot more interactive looking than most other sites though. It has a very friendly feel as soon as you load the home page. It has a nice layout and splendid colors, with plenty of information to help you out. There is a good balance of texture and words that makes the entire thing look and feel wonderful. is so friendly it actually almost feels like it is child oriented. Of course it’s not, because it’s strictly forbidden to anyone under 18; but the feel of it still feels a little kiddish. That is not a bad thing though for people who actually enjoy something like that with a friendly, harmless feel to it.

Other than the layout though, there are definitely more things to take note of. There are a couple of different things that woome offers to its members, and a few of these things are rarely seen. First of all there are things called “sessions.” When in a session, you will be having a conversation with a bunch of other people on a certain topic, may it be: animals, TV shows, or just chatting. It’s simply an easy and interactive way to get to know people; plus, sessions also have audio and video capabilities. Speaking of video, smooch also has a special video section to the website. This is where people post their videos of themselves – usually after having a session with another member. It helps a lot if you get to see someone and how they act, rather than just reading some information about them that could mean nothing. Other than these two things though, everything else will seem pretty ordinary. There are picture uploading and profile posting, people browsing, etc.

There are tons of people on, and they all are from different religious backgrounds and ethnicities. The search options will help you find just who you are looking for. It’s completely free to create an account here, which is amazing considering the cool video features you get.

-Free dating services
-Friendly layout
-Video and Audio features

-None apparent unless you don’t like majority white backgrounds

Smooch has plenty of interesting people to check out and maybe have a relationship with some day. When comparing this site to other sites, it may be easier to find someone you like because of the video capabilities. So, if you have never given a site like this a try before, now would be an excellent time.

Overall Rating: 8/10






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