As soon as the first page loads, I notice an impressive banner, and a fairly nice color scheme and layout at Of course the search bar is there as well, as that is the most important feature of every dating site. Everything is pretty straight forward here: there’s one sentence explaining the site, but no extra information or links, which is slightly disappointing.

There are success stories though, to prove the legitimacy of the site. What was impressive though, was the high amount of people online – 4363 singles. Those are pretty big numbers, and you have to figure at least half of them could be the person for you. Besides that, there really isn’t anything else to do on the home page, except sign up for a free profile. Login Page

Well, everything went pretty smoothly, and it didn’t take any longer than a couple minutes. There’s only a short “About You” kinda part you have to go through, so other people can see what kind of person you are. I usually don’t like filling in loads of surveys when I only want to get in and use the site’s services, but it’s a pass on this one. Once you finish everything, you have to confirm your email address (groan). This doesn’t take long, but it’s something I never did like. Finally, once inside the spark, you can start figuring out if this place is worth staying a part of. There’s a couple of options right off the bat: Become a subscriber; Upload photos; or check who’s online. This seems to be the extent of the free membership profile options, but there’s enough there to get you going. Did I mention when a member wants to IM you, it plays an awesome little jingle as a notice? That was within two minutes of logging on, so it’s rather obvious that it’s not hard to come across american singles here – Almost every two minutes you’ll get another notice of an interested single, which is fantastic.

Now, at there’s a two different paid plans a person can invest in. Firstly, the standard plan. The cheapest plan is $7.49/month for 12 months. With the standard information, you can interact with video chat, use the message boards, and send and receive email. It’s a decent boost beyond the free membership, but there is yet one more to look at. For the premium membership, it’s $12.49/month for 12 months. This option seems kind of useless really. It highlights your profile, so it has a yellow shade. You’ll certainly get more attention, which is the objective; but for so much money, it may not be worth it. has plenty to offer as a matchmaking site. There’s a decent layout, that won’t get dull or boring; there are members IM’ing you every couple minutes, which means lots of potential people to meet; and there are even more features available through a paid membership. The only thing I would’ve liked, are a bit larger pages. Some times it feels suffocated, but other times it feels very cozy. It’s up to the user to decide. If this sounds interesting at all, then you should definitely check this site out. I highly recommend it as a matchmaking site.
Overall Rating: 9/10

    [item]High amount of people online[/item][item]Many free services/options[/item] [item]Cheap paid options[/item]
    [item]Small Fonts[/item]

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