Sparkology differentiates itself from other online dating sites as the hub for young, successful professionals in big cities. The front page helps define the site, including both an animation video to convey the Sparkology value proposition and information about how their site encourages high quality matches. I think their decision to control who joins the site and to limit the potential matches might actually help find you someone worthwhile… or at least someone with “potential”.

One of the most unique aspects of the site is how restricted it is. Each member is handpicked, and you can only register if you were invited by a friend. Otherwise, you must apply for an invite and their staff personally screens every applicant. Not only that, but all of Sparkology’s men are verified grads of top universities. This means that women don’t have to put up with a barrage of messages from unqualified men. While other sites focus on giving you a huge pool of potential relationships, Sparkology narrows it down to the ones who they think will be best for you. After a quick, no-nonsense registration, the dashboard uses a behavioral algorithm to present you with the most highly-qualified candidates in your city. This feels very familiar if you’ve ever used Netflix or Pandora to help you discover movies or music.

Sparkology Rules

You might be wondering how Sparkology saves you from hundreds of boring or just plain bad messages. The site has different pricing structures for men and women. Each time a guy sends an initial message to a woman, it costs money, so he ascribes a tangible value to it and is dissuaded from sending out a barrage of junk mail. Women are more likely to respond, and men are more likely to put thought into their messages. If the woman responds or if the woman initiates, the conversation continues for free.  Just signing up is free, and all men and women are given the opportunity to try out the site before they pay for anything. Sparkology offers a no-hassle refund policy if you’re unhappy for any reason.

While some of the buttons or graphics on the site look a little unrefined, it’s all forgivable considering most of it seems to “just fit.” Their blog- where they have almost daily updates about dates, dating, or relationships- is different enough to make it distinctive, but not so different that it doesn’t belong.

The site also has an offering I don’t think any other site can match, and that is personal concierges to help you with any questions you could have about courtship. Although the site charges for the concierge services, their concierges are qualified experts. The online and the dating concierge have both made appearances on television and are published writers in the dating field. Starting at only $29 while the site is still in Beta, the concierges are rather inexpensive, but the price can escalate quickly depending on how much you want from them. While in Beta, Sparkology itself is relatively inexpensive as well. Women only pay $15 per month, while men pay $15 for every 5 sparks (to initiate conversations with 5 different women). I would definitely check the site out, even if they don’t have as many members as the other sites. Especially since the main draw is the quality of their members, not the quantity.

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