Tips For Men In The Dating World


Lets face it, there are so many mistakes that a guy can make while trying to court a female. There are so many slip-ups one can fall into. All it takes is the wrong attitude, or the wrong choice of words, and you may have scared away another woman. This is going to get tiring eventually, no doubt. Maybe all a guy needs are a few tips on how to be a little more successful in the dating world, and how to avoid some of the more common mistakes with women.
First of all, all women (or most) are different. They all have their own unique personality and interests. So, it may seem difficult to know just what every particular woman wants in a guy. This is why some tips may only work on isolated levels, but the majority of women should meet most of the criteria.

The first tip concerns your attitude towards a woman. A lot of men are convinced that being extremely nice to a girl will immediately win over their hearts. This is definitely not true. You are not going to make a women attracted to you by opening every door in their way for them, and by buying them a whole new wardrobe. Now, by standard rules, you should always be polite to a lady. It is just not healthy in an early relationship to overdo it. If you stifle her on the first few dates with a constant flourish of kind words, plenty of buys, and a gentlemanly charm; then you risk letting the relationship get stale. If that happens, the girl may just stop answering your calls and avoid you completely. Give each other some space on the first series of dates. If there is true love in the making, both of you will feel it. Being a complete ‘nice guy’ won’t create this love that you desire.

Once again, don’t immediately start buying hundreds of gifts for your new girlfriend. It generally will only come off as a method to impress her and try and win over her affection with all of your money. That will not increase a woman’s attraction to you. If anything, it will only annoy her. If a female is attracted to you as you are; then you should not have to buy her gifts to reinforce that, or try to change yourself by acting like a different person. Make sure you are always completely real with your girlfriend, at least, until you are on good enough terms to just mess around. Do not blatantly strut your logic or physique or do anything that would try and convince a girl to be attracted to you. You should not have to force things that will come naturally. Always be yourself for starters.

Make sure you let the relationship do a little advancing on its own, before you decide to spice it up or add a little to it yourself. It may be foolish to let a girl know how you feel about her too early in a relationship. If you ‘jump-the-gun’ then you may find yourself ‘dumped.’ Thrusting your feelings on a girl you have only known for 3 weeks will most likely just scare her away. Before saying anything too serious, you should probably be sure that your partner feels the same way about you. Most guys know when the time is right.

Women are not that tough to get to know. It is just a matter of learning how to react in every situation – intelligently and responsibly. You have to know what a woman wants, and what she does not want. It is not going to take the money and looks alone. Your personality will be the number one thing that makes a girl feel the attraction. When she feels it, and you feel it; the spark is made. Once the spark is made, you can really open up in a relationship, and finally stop worrying about all there is to know about women, because you most likely have it all figured out by then.


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