2 definitely has a positive message just from viewing the front page. It looks pleasantly attractive, and well worth your time, even without reading anything at all. This is only a first impression though, which is still a good feature. If you can’t get accustomed to a site’s layout, then you most likely won’t be staying a member there for very long.

The first thing you have to do, which is certainly a given, is sign up. You must be patient though, because the sign up page takes a little while to load up. It will appear as if you’re viewing search results for singles, but after a minute or so another page will pop up. As a rule, matchmaking sites are only available to people of legal age(18). The initial info input page will take less than a minute, without any hassle. Then, you’re presented with more information, so the site can match your personal preferences with other singles. There’s an interesting feature that tells you how many potential matches you have, depending on what you choose for preferences. Dating SiteNow, to actually become a member of this dating site, you have to have a legal credit card. Even for your 3 day trial membership. It’s kind of disappointing that they don’t offer any long term free memberships with more features, but only the trial. It will still allow you to use everything on the site though, just as a preview to see if you want to further use the services they provide. There’s lots of features on to help you find the single you’re looking for, like video, voice, and image posting. You can have live chats, or send emails. There’s plenty here for a paying customer, and it’s nice to try out, even if it’s only for 3 days. For a free membership, you aren’t given very many options, besides browsing member profiles and sending messages. has quite high prices, compared to every other matchmaking site I’ve seen, which is something you want to consider when choosing what website you want to join. It’s $49.99 for one month; $79.99 for three months; and $129.99 for six months. It’s a lot to ask for, but there’s definitely a lot to offer here. If the prices dissuade you, it’s still worth checking out for the free 3 day trial.
Overall Rating:  7/10


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  1. I am still getting charged for my account. I havent used this for about three years. I discontinued a long time ago. I have called the bank to cancel you’s from charging. My next call will be more drastic.

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